Comenius visit to China

29 November 2013

Image of Comenius visit to China

These photographs were taken from the Second Foreign Language School of Nanshan in Shenzhen.

Students are aged from 6 to 15 it incorporates a primary and junior high school. Classes have 50 students but they sit in groups and work together in pairs. When they engage in group work each group has a leader.

Following a delegation of Chinese Headteachers and teachers to the North East earlier this year, seven headteachers from primary schools in North Tyneside have travelled to China to see first hand the different methods and styles of teaching used by teachers in different parts of China.

Louise Guthrie - Denbigh Primary School, Jane Parker - Hadrian Park Primary School, Kevin Arthur - Battle Hill Primary School, Anne Thornton - Wallsend Jubilee Primary School, Emma Overton - Stephenson Memorial Primary School, Susan Winter - Richardson Dees Primary School and Alison Nicholson - Redesdale Primary School, have all travelled as part of the Comenius Project which is one of the most popular international education programmes for UK schools, colleges and local authorities.

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