STEM Week in The Bees

We have had such a busy 5 days in the Bees classroom celebrating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) week! First on Monday we created Mother's Day cards and carried out two science experiments! We tested whether raisins could float in lemonande and we tested how many drops of water could land on a penny without it spilling off the side. We were very suprised by the results and carried out some investiagtions into why these things had happened. 

Next on Tuesday we made our very own pinball machines with the help of Miss Atkinson. We desinged our machines first and talked about why we thought it would work. We then used different materials to build our pinball machines. We found building the lever for the machine quite tricky but we all got there in the end by working together. On Tuesday afternoon we used the iPads to create our very own interactive tours of the school. We found the school on Google Earth and then used Seesaw to guide people around the school. You can watch one of our school tours here, we hope its helpful!


On Wednesday morning we started designing a brand new outdoor area. We are going to try and make our outdoor area as beautiful as it can be for the summer. The main thing we needed to do was paint the shed! We all made a design for the shed thinking about what theme we would like it to be. In the end we decided on a seaside theme and started painting on Thursday morning. It was lots of work and we haven't finished yet but we hope it is looking better already! We have even been scraping the moss of the ground in our playground. 

You can see all of our photos here in our school STEM Week 2016 album, enjoy! 

STEM Week 2016

  • An introduction to coding with ScratchJr in Year 1
  • Book Creator Comic Competition in Year 6 has begun!
  • Decorating our instruments

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