Our Staff

Staff at Battle Hill Primary School are dedicated to ensuring your children get the best education possible.

Senior Leadership
Mrs L Wells
Miss R Jobey  
Deputy Headteaher / Upper KS2 Lead  
Miss L Watts  
Assistant Headteacher/SENDCo/KS1 Lead  
Mrs C Hall   Lower KS2 Lead  
Mrs G McKenzie   - Foundation Stage Manager  
Mrs J Bramley   - Early Years Pre - School Manager  
Mrs J Ferreira   - School Business Manager  
Administration Staff        
Mrs J Ferreira   - School Business Manager  
Mrs D Hindson   - Administration  
Mrs H Heron   - Administration  
Early Years:  
Foundation Stage Unit
Mrs G Mackenzie   - Teacher  
Mrs R Elliott   - Teacher  - Secondment  
Mrs J Bramley   - Teacher  
Mrs J Smith (PT)   - Teacher  
Mrs L Mulroy (PT)   - Teacher  
Mrs J Nicholson    - HLTA  
Miss K Smith   - Teaching Assistant  
Mrs J Spencer   - Teaching Assistant  
Miss S Elliott   - Teaching Assistant  
Mrs N Stevenson   - Teaching Assistant  
Mrs K Dyke   - HLTA - Meadows  
Miss R Begum   - Teaching Assistant  
Mrs L Madgin   - Teaching Assistant  
Miss S Churchill   - Teaching Assistant  
Mrs J Clay   - Teaching Assistant  
Mrs G Rice   - Teaching Assistant  
Mrs T Zientara   - Teaching Assistant  
Miss R Clay   - Teaching Assistant  
Key Stage 1
Miss L Watts   - Year 1 Teacher / KS1 Lead/ Assistant Headteacher/ Sendco  
Mrs J Ramsey (PT)   - Year 1 Teacher  
Mrs K Barnes   - Year 1/2 Teacher  
Mrs K Watson   - Year 2 Teacher  
Miss S Davies   - HLTA  
Mrs N Laan   - HLTA  
Miss J Lyon   - Teaching Assistant  
Mrs J Scott   - Teaching Assistant  
Mrs C Rowland   - Teaching Assistant  
Lower Key Stage 2
Mrs C Hall (PT)   - Year 3 Teacher/ Lower KS2 Lead  
Mrs K Moran (PT)   - Year 3 Teacher   
Miss McMullon    - Year 3 Teacher  
Mrs K Straughan   - Year 4 Teacher  
Mrs S Brown   - Year 4 Teacher  
Mrs P Bonass   - Teaching Assistant  
Mrs S Higginbottom   - Teaching Assistant  

 Upper Key Stage 2

Miss R Jobey   - Year 6 Teacher/ Deputy Headteacher/ Upper KS2 Lead  
Mrs J Meardon (PT)   - Year 6 Teacher  
Mr T Brunton   - Year 5/6 Teacher  
Mrs L Shearer   - Year 5 Teacher  
Mrs J Donnison   - Teaching Assistant  
Mrs N Williamson   -

Teaching Assistant

Miss L Owen   - Teaching Assistant  
Whole School Support
Mrs A Coates   - Learning Mentor  
Mr B Appleby   - Sports Coach  
After School Club
Mrs S Higginbottom        
Miss N Stevenson        
Breakfast Club
Mrs N Williamson        
Mrs S Reay        
Mrs T Zientara        
Site Staff
Mr D Rodger   - Caretaker  
Mrs M Gibson     Cleaner  
Mrs J Mole   - Cleaner  
Mr T Smith   - Cleaner  
Mrs K Rogerson   - Cleaner  
Mrs S Elliott   - Cleaner  
Mrs C Rowland   - Cleaner  
Mrs E Wallace   - Cleaner  
Mrs S Byers   - Kitchen Unit Manager  
Mrs S Reay   - Kitchen  Assistant  
Mrs C Potts   Kitchen  Assistant  
Miss P Harrison   - Kitchen  Assistant  
Mrs A Abbott     Lunchtime supervisor    
Mrs J Taylor     Lunchtime supervisor      
Mrs H Powell     Lunchtime supervisor      
Lunchtime Play Leaders        
Mrs E Wallace        
Mrs A Abbott        
Mrs J Taylor        
Mrs V Neve        
Mrs H Powell        
Miss R Clay        
Mrs A Bardett        
Mr T Smith