Our Values and Ethos

School Values Statement

At Battle Hill Primary School children, parents, staff and community work in partnership to empower and enable each individual to fulfil their potential as lifelong learners.


To foster mutual respect and co-operation, embrace diversity and encourage each individual to have high academic and social expectations.

Leadership and Management

To provide visionary, strategic and purposeful leadership, with efficient and effective management in all areas of school life.


To offer equal access to a stimulating, challenging curriculum that is enriched through a range of spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, cultural and aesthetic experiences.

Teaching and Learning

To ensure that the highest standards of teaching are pursued with rigour by all staff to provide children with a personalised programme of learning by identifying needs and achievements through effective systems and approaches to assessment.

Pupils' Attainment Behaviour And Attitudes

To foster high expectations of achievement for all children, encourage children to make informed decisions, whilst developing a sense of responsibility for their actions and behaviour, and to foster an understanding and respect for all religions, beliefs, cultures and lifestyles in our society.

Parents and Community

To play a central role within the local and wider communities and to fully explore the partnership which exists between pupils/teachers, support staff and parent carers in the process of teaching and learning.

Premises Environment And Community

To develop a safe, secure and inspiring environment for all who come to work, study and visit.